Treaty Trader and Investor Visas

Treaty Traders and Investors (E-1/E-2 Visas)

A treaty trader visa san diego (E-1 visa) is for individuals or certain employees of a foreign company (executives, managers or essential works) to be able enter the U.S to engage in substantial trade. The country of origin of the person or company must have a formal commercial treaty with the U.S.

The treaty investor visa (E-2 visa) is available to individuals who have made or seeks to make a substantial investment in an active business in the United States. Similar to the E-1 visa, the foreign person must be a national of a country that holds an investment treaty with the U.S.

One of the principal advantages of the E-1 as well as the E-2 visas is that both allow for indefinite extensions of stay so long as the commercial trade activity or the business created with foreign investment monies remains active and functional

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