[headline]What We Do[/headline]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Asylum” link=”asylum-lawyer-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-lock”]Asylum can be the lifeline for many whose only survival decision is to flee their homes and seek shelter in the United States. We can help.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Bond / Detention” link=”detention-lawyers-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-bank”]If you are dealing with a detention, it is important to be informed, prepared and supported by experienced legal counsel.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Business Visas” link=”business-visa-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-nameplate-alt”]We carefully evaluate each case by examining the employer’s needs and the employee’s background. Learn more about our expertise.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Citizenship and Naturalization” link=”naturalization-and-citizenship-lawyers-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-user-add”]We strive to achieve your educational and support needs on a case-by-case basis, to help you become a United States Citizen.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Consular Process” link=”consular-process-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-random”]The Consulate can be slow, frustrating, and stressful. We help you navigate the process and get the documentation you need.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Deportation Defense” link=”immigration-violation-lawyers” icon=”ico-shield”]We have successfully defended clients at Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Court of Appeals.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Fiancée Visas” link=”fiancee-visas-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-ring”]We can assist you and your loved one in obtaining the fiancée visa and permanent residence you need to be a family. Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Green Cards” link=”green-cards-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-nameplate”]Luna and Associates has helped clients with their green cards for more than 12 years. We are committed to helping you move forward.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Indian Law” link=”indian-lawyer-san-diego” icon=”ico-book-open”]Luna & Associates collaborates with various Tribes throughout the U.S. including Tribes in Arizona, Oklahoma and California.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Permanent Residence Card” link=”green-cards-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-adress-book”]As an American Citizen you are given all the freedoms and liberties associated with the privilege. We’ll help you get there.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Students and Trainees” link=”student-visas-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-pen”]We can help secure the necessary approvals before applying for a visa, and get you through the process and closer to your education.Learn More[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Waivers of Inadmissibility” link=”immigration-waiver-lawyers-in-san-diego” icon=”ico-log-book”]A very important deciding factor to consider when in need of a waiver preparation is the need for an experienced attorney.Learn More[/feature]
[headline]Other Services[/headline]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Appeals” icon=”ico-circle-exclamation-mark”]If your case has been denied and you must retain counsel for an Appeal give us a call today. We can represent you in Administrative, BIA, and 9th Circuit Appeals.[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Business Immigration” icon=”ico-credit”]If you have been working in the U.S. with a business visa and have considered a permanent stay we can represent you in your business immigration case.[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Cancellation of Removal” icon=”ico-circle-remove”]Do you or a loved on face removal proceedings before the United States Executive Office for Immigration Review? We can help.[/feature]
[feature color=”gray” title=”Court Proceedings” icon=”ico-suitcase”]Whether you are facing charges, deportation, or undergoing an appeal, our offices can give you the representation you need.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Deferred Action” icon=”ico-parents”]We can help you navigate the Deferred Action process, even if you are undergoing removal proceedings. [/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Family Based Immigration” icon=”ico-group”]Luna and Associates has helped clients with their green cards for more than 12 years. We are committed to helping you move forward.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Family Visas” icon=”ico-sort”]Whether you qualify for an Adjustment of Status or a Consular Process, both processes can be exhausting; we can guide you through the one you qualify.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”FBI Background Checks” icon=”ico-eye-open”]We can counsel, prepare, and manage your background check with the FBI to meet your needs.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Freedom of Information Act” icon=”ico-circle-info”]If you have lost your file or simply want to know what it contains we can request, prepare, and manage your application for a copy of it.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Investor Visas” icon=”ico-usd”]Will you be managing investments in the United States? We can help you get your E-2 visa so you can focus on more important things.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Labor Certification” icon=”ico-spade”]We can help you navigate the immigration process and certify that you are a qualified worker.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Non-Immigrant Visas” icon=”ico-globe”]We carefully evaluate each case by examining the employer’s needs and the employee’s background. Learn more about our expertise.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Vehicle Seizures” icon=”ico-car”]Was your automobile confiscated by CBP? We can guide you through the process for you to get your property back.[/feature]
[feature color=”blue” title=”Violence Against Women Act” icon=”ico-girl”]No one should have to put up with violence. For those who have; we will help you get justice.[/feature]

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