Professional or Specialty Occupation Visas

Professional or Specialty Occupation (H-1B Visa)

The H-1B visa is perhaps one of the most common types of visa for a foreign professional who is coming temporarily to the U.S. to perform services in a “specialty occupation”. The H-1B visa category seeks to complement employers’ temporary or short-term employment needs that cannot be filled by the available U.S. Labor Market. Specialty occupations may include professional accountants, attorneys, engineers, computer programmers, architects, electronic specialists, graphic designers, social workers, fashion designers and even fashion models.

To qualify for a H-1B visa, the prospective U.S. employer must first make a preliminary application with the Department of Labor to ensure that the foreign professional candidate will be paid the higher of (a) the prevailing wage paid to others with similar qualifications who are similarly employed in the same geographic area, or (b) the actual wage level paid by the employer to other employees in the same occupational category.

Immediate family members (spouse and minor children) who accompany or follow to join the foreign professional may receive H-4 (dependent visas) visas for the duration of the principal H-1B visa holder. We can help with your professional occupation visas, give us a call today.

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Luna and Associates represents corporations, small businesses and individual employers, who are interested in petitioning foreign employees under this classification. In order to ensure positive results in the form of visa approvals, we assist clients in petitioning these visas before immigration authorities after a careful assessment of each case, by studying and understanding the particular U.S. business entity as well as the prospective foreign employee’s academic background and experience. Call us today to get an evaluation of your case.

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