North American Free Trade Agreement Visas NAFTA or TN Visas

Professional Visa under the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA (TN Visa)

TN status is a nonimmigrant visa option for Mexican and Canadian professionals who hold certain bachelor’s degrees who have employment opportunities by U.S. employers. NAFTA specifies various categories of professions as well as the minimum qualifications for each profession in order to meet the visa requirements. To see qualifying occupations and minimum education requirements click here

Similar to the H-1B visa, the criteria for TN visa requires that the U.S. employer serve as petitioner for the foreign professional and articulate the type of professional activities that the prospective applicant or beneficiary will conduct once the visa is granted. However, unlike the H-1B visa, TN’s must prove that he or she has a nonimmigrant intent; that is, showing to authorities that he or she only intends to remain in the U.S. temporarily while the employment in the U.S. lasts.

Luna and Associates has represented individuals as well as small to large business employers in securing TN visas for business owners and their foreign employees. Our success stems from a careful evaluation of each particular case by closely examining the employer’s needs as well as the prospective foreign employee’s experience and professional background.

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