Intra-company Transferees

L Visas

The L category is a visa option for U.S. companies with a foreign parent, subsidiary, affiliate or branch office interested in transferring foreign employees to the United States. Foreign employees only include those in an executive or managerial capacity or those who hold special knowledge of the company’s product, service, research, equipment, techniques, management or who have an advanced knowledge of processes and procedures of the company. Only certain U.S. companies, specifically a parent subsidiary, affiliate company or branch office of a qualifying foreign company, are eligible to sponsor executives for an L visa.

With the L visa, the USCIS can issue up to three years of maximum initial admission but is limited to a total duration of 7 years for executives and managers, and 5 years for personnel with specialized knowledge.

One noteworthy aspect of the L-1 visa is that it may be issued even if the U.S. Company is a newly created entity. Under these circumstances, the USCIS will issue an L-1 visa for one year only, and upon its renewal, the USCIS will require the petitioning U.S. Company to show compliance with managerial or executive standards.

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