December 10, 2012


A waiver is an option available to those who have been deemed to be inadmissible or excludable from the United States. The grounds for inadmissibility range from health related grounds to illegal entrants and immigration violators. Those who qualify for a waiver, for example, an illegal entrant who is now married to a U.S. Citizen, will be thoroughly assessed by our team of experts who must be up to date about the evolution of the legal innovations as well as changes in consular as well as USCIS’ procedures to adjudicate waiver cases.

A very important deciding factor to consider when in need of a waiver preparation is the need for an experienced attorney. Waivers are complex and require particular attention to legal knowledge and expertise. Immigration adjudicators review waiver applications in a case by case basis and most of the time waiver approvals are a matter of discretion. Therefore, it is extremely important that a waiver is well prepared with factual documentation and legal support. Luna and Associates are the best Immigration Waiver Lawyers in San Diego.

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