Immigration Detention

Immigration Detention

Have you, a friend or a loved one been stopped and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); Border Patrol (BP); or Border and Customs Protection (CBP)?

Detention of a loved one can be a scary time. Uncertainty of the future and lack of information can lead to frustration and consequently terror of losing a loved one. It is therefore crucial that the detained person and his or her family fully understand his or her legal rights, as well as, all available options when faced with removal proceedings.

If you have not heard from your loved one and need to find him/her click on the ICE Locator. This Online Detainee Locator System allows you to search for your detained family member. Please keep in mind information must be correct (name spelled correctly, age, country of birth and date of birth) in order to properly conduct the search.

Online Detainee Locator System.

At Luna and Associates we strive to provide the most comprehensive legal representation to those in need. As detentions continue to increase around the country, it is important to be informed and prepared and have the support of experienced legal counsel. Luna and Associates have some of the best detention lawyers in San Diego

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To best assist you or your loved one if faced with a detention by immigration authorities and/or in removal proceedings, we recommend that you have basic information readily available such as the person’s case number (also known as the “A Number”) and the location of the detained individual.

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