Parole In Place

Immigration Benefits for Military Families (Parole in Place)

Spouses, children and parents of Active Duty Military Members, Veterans or Members of the Selective Reserve may now be able to obtain legal residence in the United States through a legal mechanism called Parole in Place. A “parole” is a discretionary benefit issued by U.S. immigration authorities to grant or recognize legal entry to non citizens who would not otherwise have a visa based on humanitarian reasons or significant public interests.

A Parole in Place, under this policy, allows spouses, children and parents of active duty military members, veterans or reservists to apply for their permanent residence in the United States instead of doing it from abroad even if they are present in the United States without proper immigration status. As this practice is implemented in local offices, it is important that you obtain the correct information by a qualified attorney.

At Luna & Associates, we understand the day to day challenges military families confront, so we are committed to eliminate the burden this process may be. We are committed to guide you through this process, as well as, assist you in preparing the necessary forms and making the proper requests and arrangements with the offices of the USCIS.
Please review our information sheet on the topic. If you have any further questions contact us today and schedule a consultation.


Key information for parole in place for military families.

Key information for parole in place for military families.