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U.S. Attorney General Says Border is “Ground Zero” for Immigration

The United States Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, stated during a press conference that his office and the Trump Administration will focus on prosecuting “those who seek improper and illegal entry” into the United States.  The Attorney General further warned that those who enter the country illegally more than once will be targeted by his office. “We will secure this border and bring the full weight of both the immigration courts and the federal enforcement and prosecutors to combat this attack on our national security and our sovereignty,” he said.

Sessions comments are no surprise. President Trump ran his campaign promising to combat illegal immigration. His January Executive Orders reinforced this commitment by providing that 5,000 border agents would be hired.  The Department of Homeland Security also issued a Memorandum earlier this year limiting prosecutorial discretion given to those with strong ties in the United States. Recently, the Justice Department has also stated that they would be hiring more Immigration Judges and reshuffling Immigration Judges around the country to border cities to conduct removal proceedings. As Session states in his press conference this is the new Trump Era.  Whether these goals will be met, remains to be seen.

Already we are hearing that the Border Patrol is having difficulty hiring new agents as two out of three applicants fail their polygraph tests. Immigration Judges already suffering from a severe backlog of cases and limited judicial resources will no doubt continue to work on difficult time constraints. As we have seen in the past immigration federal prosecutions have already been priority for many federal offices around the country. Nonetheless with the announcement of the Justice Department’s position, we hope that the judicial branch continues to give every individual the due process that the U.S. Constitution guarantees

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