April Newsletter-Revista de Abril Inmigracion

We are working for you on bringing change to immigration
Estamos trabajando duro para brindar cambio al area de inmigración

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** we have been busy.
hemos estados ocupados.


** Spring Events
Eventos de Primavera
Representative Luis V. Gutierrez and Attorney Cesar Luna in Washington D.C.
Diputado Luis V. Gutierrez y el Abogado Cesar Luna en Washington D.C.
With Mexican Senator Marco A. Blasquez Salinas (BC), Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, Enrique Morones from Border Angels

At ‘El Primero Congreso del Migrante’ In TIjuana B.C
En el Primero Congreso del Migrante en Tijuana B.C.

** Brrrr…. it was cold in D.C
Aside from our day to day obligations as your law firm of choice, we have been doing a lot of activism, promoting social justice and supporting good causes internationally. During the past month we traveled all the way to D.C. to meet with Representative Luis V. Gutierrez. We received a warm welcome and we were able to have a serious conversation about a new project. Stay tuned for more.

** South of the Border.
When was the last time you actually thought about what happens to those that have to go back to the motherland?…..
That’s right! There are issues of repatriation, of separation of families, how do they deal with their finances?, how do they get a job?
Thankfully, governments like the City of Tijuana have made great efforts to embrace those that do go back and together with other great leaders have formed a coalition to support those in need. We were so thankful to have been invited by Norma Chavez-Peterson, ACLU Director to share our perspective on the Executive Actions by President Obama on November 20, 2014.
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Who doesn’t love free stuff? Well, who doesn’t love FREE education.
We are hosting a FREE (come on you know we never charge) Immigration Forum at the MAAC Community Center this coming April 18 at 12:00 PM.

We will be providing a very valuable and informational presentation to our community in their own language (Spanish) in order to explain the complexities of the current immigration situation derived from the November 20, 2014 Executive Action by President Obama. We will serve our community by providing simple and easy to understand information, and by answering questions from the public. We will explain the status of President Obama’s Executive Actions that are now being challenged in federal court. We will also discuss how to best prepare for these benefits should the courts allow for their implementation. At the same time, we will stress on the importance of how to best protect themselves against immigration fraud.

** Beware of Scams
There has been a variety of scams in the area. Always consult with professionals in the area that you are seeking to get representation in. Also, never give your personal information to anybody over the phone or via email. Remember, your information is meant to be confidential at all times.

** No se convierta en víctima de fraude
Consulte con un profesional en el area en la cual busca representación. También recuerde que no debe de compartir su información personal por teléfono o por correo electrónico. Cuide su identidad.

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